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Terms & Conditions

Dealmih.com Terms & Conditions

Welcome to dealmih.com, it is necessary for you to know all the terms & conditions in order to understand legal terms. So, we are trying to simplify each clause.

Our Services:

We offer a venue containing dealmih.com Jobs, dealmih.com Motors, dealmih.com Marketplace, and dealmih.com Property.

·        The main vision is to provide better services to our customers so that they can improve their lifestyles. You can call us a virtual shopping mall. We offer a venue to acquaint with members and also allow them to market or advertise every type of service including properties, services, jobs, and vehicles. In the whole process, dealmih.com doesn’t take part in the transaction or sale process. We also don’t act as an agent. We also do not participate in the actual provision (Member Services).

We Offer A Safe And Trustworthy Venue.

·        Our faithful members only consider dealmih.com if they feel confident in the dealmih.com community. We work to ensure that our venue is safe. We have a trustworthy team that is really dedicated to making dealmih.com the safest online place for users. It is hard to monitor the entire website, but we take appropriate action in case of any misuse of our services. We can issue a warning, disable or remove accounts, or inform the relative authority. Here are some examples of the misuses we would take action over: unsafe products, illegal, offensive content, or disturbing intellectual property rights. We can also limit your approach on our website. We don’t allow anyone to put our system of community in jeopardy. You can allow us to share your personal information such as name, address, or contact details by keeping our privacy policy in mind. Our team is really good at managing the site and keeping the record safe of our members. So, dealmih.com is the safest venue and we will protect your data.

We Offer Amazing Services To Make Our Site Easier For Users.

·          dealmih.com offers plenty of additional services to make the site easier for users. Some services have their own particular Terms & Conditions presented on our site. For instance,

·          Our payment service allows members to pay each other instantly by bank account, credit card, or utilizing funds loaded on their “Our Payment Service” balance.

·         We have incorporated several services so that members can buy and get products without any hassle. This service is available for every member and they can receive their items straight away.


We Permit Our Intellectual Property To You.

·         We offer non-transferable, revocable, limited, and non-exclusive licenses to our members so that they can enjoy our services without any hesitation. We hold all our intellectual property rights including source code and software used. Without our written permission, you can’t store, create, publish, reproduce, or copy from our site. You can get access to our site by getting a limited license from us but you cannot copy anything from our site.

We offer an API (Application Programming Interface):

·         In order to enable software-to-interface with our site, we offer an API. This thing allows developers to create new applications. This is only for our members and they can use it easily. So, when you publish your information on our site it may appear on other sites and apps. dealmih.com may easily assess your information through the application programming interface (API). You can also manage which app can access your data by using dealmih.com API applications. Our API allows developers to create amazing things. But, they have to follow API terms.

We Save Your Funds In A Safe Account.

·         We possess a separate account where we keep your funds. Members can easily deposit funds in a separate bank which is really safe. You can’t earn interest on this deposit and we may deduct some amount according to our terms. It is a kind of fee that we deduct and no other charges will be deducted. We can also refund all your balance at your request.

We are Providing Best Services.

dealmih.com is offering world’s best service to its users. They are easy and convenient, we are constantly adding new features that make our site easier to use.


How to Become a Member?

You don’t need to pay any fee or charges to become a member of dealmih.com because it is free. But, we have some eligibility criteria for members.

1.      If you want to become a member of dealmih.com then you must be at least 18 years old. You should possess the ability to enter into different contracts.

2.      You have to provide true and correct information. It is necessary to complete your registration process.

3.      You can easily login through a third-party service such as Google+ or Facebook. In this way, you can easily get access and store your information.

With the help of an account, you can use our services. If you want to create a business membership account, we also have got you covered. If you want both accounts, then you must read our Trust and Safety Blog first.

Managing your Membership

·        It is necessary to maintain and update your personal data regularly in order to ensure that it is always correct. We can also contact you to confirm your information. You are responsible for everything you are doing on your account. Always keep your login data secure in order to protect your account. You can also change your password. Don’t permit anyone to use your account or membership. You can’t transfer or sell your account. If you want to transfer your account, you should check our Trust and Safety blog. We recommend you keep your account, personal data, and password safe.

Account Balance

·        We are responsible for maintaining account balance for each account holder. By logging in, you can check your balance. You can also buy any item by using your account credit, but you can’t transfer credit to each other. You have to pay a negative balance instantly. If you do not pay the debt or remaining balance, then we take action in recovering that debt. You are responsible for the transaction costs that we used to recover from your dealmih.com account or third-party account. In case of your account termination, we will refund all your balance present in your account. We may charge less than 5 NPR in the processing fee. We don’t refund your balance if it is less than 5 NPR. If the inactivity period is more than 18 months, then we will suspend your account and the balance in your account will cease. To make your account functional, you can contact us. Special giveaways or promotional bonuses won’t be refunded on registration.

How we communicate

·        We can contact you about your activities, transactions, or membership. You can get further information about this on our privacy policy. We send e-newsletter and emails to our members for contact. If you are getting unnecessary emails and newsletters, then you can unsubscribe from emails. We can contact you frequently in order to provide relevant information that we think you must be interested in.

Dismissing Your Membership

·        You don’t need any reason to dismiss your membership. We can fulfill your request within three days. Plus, we have the authority to block some features or accounts for any reason. But, keep in mind if we have blocked your account or our services for you then there must be a specific reason. We will also inform you the reason for blocking. If your account or membership is terminated by you or us, then you can’t use our services anymore. It means you can terminate your account, and so can we.

Your Commitments:

In order to get uninterrupted services, your general commitments really matter. You must have to make some commitments as given.

Code of Conduct:

·        Our code of conduct shows our rules that you have to follow for uninterrupted services. Here are some basic principles:

1.      Follow all laws including the sale of intellectual property laws and goods.

2.      Follow dealmih.com’s terms and conditions.

3.      Show honest and faithful behavior at all times.

Code of Conduct for Sellers:

·        Describe products comprehensively and answer questions regularly.

·        You must respond to emails within 2 working days.

·        Ensure fast shipping.

·        Be fair in packing and postage charges.

·        Sort out all issues on email.

·        Do not engage in revengeful behavior or feedback.

Code of Conduct for Buyers:

·        Respond to emails within 2 working days.

·        Pay for goods ASAP.

·        Not post negative remarks before resolving matters with the seller via email.

Don’t be a fool.

·        No scraping:

You can’t use a scraper, spider, or robot to access our site or services. You can’t extract, harvest, or manually scrape data from our site without our written permission.

·        Shill Bidding is Prohibited:

This is the kind of fake or manipulated bidding in which an employee, friend, or family member etc. manipulates the search position, desirability, or the price. Our aim is to provide you all an equal opportunity and a reliable marketplace so shill bidding is strictly prohibited here along with any other dishonest bidding practice or attitude.

·        No Fake Product Promotion:

Such an act is called classified spamming in which the “contact” feature is reached multiplied times by the lister and as result, any certain product of classified listing is promoted.  We highly discourage such behaviors.

·        No Manipulation of Top Seller Criteria:

We assume that every in trade person will be aware of our top seller criteria. We have these criteria for valid reasons and you are under no circumstances allowed to manipulate you being eligible. We do not accept you manipulating your sale rate or placing any feedback about your own product.

·        Stay Relevant and Onsite:

You are required to

1)                      Not use any site or service which will aid in promoting the service or the item offered for sale outside our site.

2)                      Complete any transaction that started through our site or app through us only.

3)                      Not ask for any processing or success fee.

4)                      Keep your contact list hidden. You cannot enter or provide any of your reaching out details in feedback, question and answer, listing description, message board, member profile or any other section. Your contact or any such details should only be shared during the listing process that too only in relevant fields only.

You confirm to allow us using your Content for Our Services:

You confirm us that any content you are posting or providing for the service is either your own or you have the rights to use that all. This applies to any kind of data, photos, listing description, information or any other content type. We will protect all your images through our logo and your username used in the form of a watermark.

Your content is yours and we do not plan to claim it or its ownership. You are also allowed to use your content but we have set certain rules that will help us to get and offer better services. We require the below-given permissions regarding your content.

You are giving us the right or license to use your content which will help us in providing improved services. Lawyers mention it as intellectual property license and under this license you allow us a royalty-free, sub-licensable, convertible and non-exclusive worldwide license for us to use, stock, deal out, transform, replicate, creative derivative works and display your content on any platform or media to progress, encourage, sponsor or offer our services. For example, if you are listing any of your content (item) for sale, it gives us permission from your side to copy, use, save and share that content listing along with any photos. You also confirm that you have the authority and rights to allow us this license.

The above-given example is just to give an idea and it does not cover the wider idea in which we can use your item or content. To provide further example; we might approach a third-party website that will display your content as free advertising while it’s listing on our website is live. To re-list any of your items again in the future, we might save your listing in case it is not sold. Your listing might be used by our team (safety & trust) to share it as an example on our blog so that other listeners can get a clear understanding while we reach our mission of ensuring our site is a trusted online marketplace. We will not be using your logos or trademarks unless your permission is expressed and we may use or store your content for various internal and marketing purposes e.g. to make our services better.

4. Listing and Selling

4.1 Our Fees:

4.2 You are responsible for advertising VAT including Prices Only and for your Taxes too (most of it)

4.3 Keep it Lawful, Truthful, Related and Use the services only as Intended

4.4 Policy Compliance:

4.5 Reply to our Practical Contact or Requests:

4.6 We ensure a Site Filled with Related and Useful Goods Only:

4.1 Our Fees:

To know about recent fees, you can check our “Fees Page”. We have explained our fees there. Before listing, the review of our fees will be available to you and you can accept that before listing. Using our services is a way of ensuring that you agree to pay but you can pay our fee when it is due.

We charge a set fee for a few services of ours like featured products, classified listing etc. Such fees are non-refundable and are different from success fees. You are charged with these fees when the listing is created.

Our fees can be changed but you will be notified about such changes in advance. Usually, we make such announcements on site with a two-week prior notice.  The fees of any newly launched services will be effective immediately with the service launch. You can always know about our recent fees by checking our “Fees Pages”.

We keep offering promo (promotional deals) and special offers on different goods and it might include (for example) success fee-free listing or a discounted success fee than the normal. The terms of “success fee discount” will be applicable along with all the advertised terms having a connection to such special offers or promos.

We have an understanding of certain scenarios in which a transaction is not carried out even after auction winning. In such cases, we usually try to refund you any success fee. Such returns take place by crediting your accounts associated with our apps. To know about our refund policy checks the “refund process”. We might contact our members regarding the request received for a success fee refund.

All the fees on our site are inclusive of taxes and if any fee is otherwise then we will mention clearly that it is exclusive of any taxes.

4.2 You are responsible for advertising VAT including Prices Only and for your Taxes too (most of it):

For all tax-registered listers and tax-paying sellers of our country, it is required to list classified and auctions in our currency price and this price should be inclusive of tax.

If you think that your item might attract custom duty for the purchasers of our country, then it should be clearly mentioned with the listing.

4.3 Keep it Lawful, Truthful, Related and Use the services only as Intended:

Be Straightforward and Clear:

We demand complete accuracy in all listings. Those listings should be accurate and contain any relevant information along with any key terms. While listing any item on our site, for example, you should include its honest and clear description, shipping method, and payment method and sale terms. You should also clearly mention who will pay for shipping charges. You can only list those items that you possess and own and in otherwise situations, approved writing is required.

Keep it all 100% Legal:

We demand that you fulfill all the laws when listing any item. E.g.

a)      You should possess the rights to list that certain item or service. You cannot list any disputed item like property in dispute etc. or any item that you do not possess.

b)      Listing should give clear details and no information should be left out, misleading or hidden.

c)      When listing any service or vehicle etc. you are required to make sure the service offered is legal and meets the related safety measure.

d)      You cannot breach any legal requirement through your listing e.g. your offered jobs should fulfill the rules set by different employment laws or the human rights act.

Keep it Appropriate and Related:

We do not allow or support spamming through search manipulation or keywords.

Use only as Planned:

Whatever listing or service option we provide, it has a specific purpose and we strictly prohibit using it for any other function. For example, if there is a vehicle listed on a classified listing then its purpose is only to allow the seller to decide to whom he might want to sell his that certain listed vehicle and under what specific price. Using any of our listings or services for any other reason to either avoid fees, promote your business or create fake search results etc. is not allowed. We provide further detailed ideas with some examples, to read check “listing policy”. If you want further clear ideas or are confused about any business or service use being OK or NOT OK, you can always contact us.

4.4 Policy Compliance:

Specified Terms:

We have a list of different specific terms and listing policies that decide what you can list and how. E.g. you can check the list of prohibited or banned items, a specific policy for job listing and in-trade disclosure terms etc. we suggest you to check such policies etc. of ours before listing any item or service etc.


We have certain conditions and terms for listing any item on our app/ sit for listing. By listing any item on our site you agree that you will sell this item through us only and advertising it outside our forum is not allowed. In case of removing any item from auction with whatever reason, you will have to face a nonrefundable fee of withdrawal. You are required to sell to only the highest bidder and if the highest bidder does not reply to you after your various attempts of contact then you can sell it to another bidder. At the time of closing your auction, you are required to provide your email address to the buyer.


In case of classified listing, you are allowed to choose any discussion, offer or selling to any buyer according to your decision.

Pick-up or Delivery:

You are responsible for the on-time delivery, shipping or posting of your sold item. After the transaction has been done, you will have to arrange the pickup by discussing details with the buyer. You take full responsibility for the listed item being sent and received to the buyers in the same condition as discussed and this is not applicable only if the buyer agrees otherwise.

4.5 Reply to our Practical Contact or Requests:

We might need some information from you regarding the listing and in such cases you are supposed to reply back to us back. We can ask you to share ownership or possession proof or the details, documents or proof ensuring listing being under law and meeting safety standards.

4.6 We ensure a Site Filled with Related and Useful Goods Only:

We work hard to offer a place that is loaded with useful and required goods only. There is a specific member demand for our goods and to ensure better services and experience we might have to restrict or suspend your listings e.g. we might have to suspend the sellers having too small sell-through rate.

5. Buying:

5.1 Bidding and Buying

5.2 Protection of our Buyers or Payment Products

5.3 Credit Card Payments

5.4 Banned Items or Pages

5.1 Bidding and Buying:

After listing any item at any price, you and the buyer are in a legal contract which you cannot disagree with. So, you should not place any item for listing if you cannot or do not want to sell that due to any issue (including change of mind due to price etc.).

You should specify the transaction manner in your listing so that when the winning bid is placed, we can provide your reaching out details like delivery address or email to the buyer for a smooth transaction. You will be informed about the winning bid and you are then required to pay any price that comes with purchase or shipping etc. as made necessary in the listing already.

We take our work image very seriously and if any of you wins an auction or agrees to buy any certain item through a classified listing but later does not pay then upon receiving a complaint, we will take action. Our actions can depend upon the scope of the issue and it might include ending your membership for a specific duration or permanently. In such cases, we might not give you any warning notice in advance.

We will only make your bidding price and username public when placing a bid on any item.

5.2 Protection of our Buyers or Payment Products:

We have made certain policies regarding selling or buying any item through credit card and bank transfers, to reach details of those policies check “Buyer Protection Policy ''. We require you to inform us if you want a bank or card chargeback in cases when payment is made through such means. Although, we advise you to communicate and sort the matter out with the seller, otherwise you can also claim a refund and to know its policy check “Buyer Protection Policy”.

5.3 Credit Card Payments:

Although we might allow credit card payments for certain items, it does not mean that we are part of any process other than just passing payment from buyer to seller. As we are not part of such transactions, we do not take responsibility for any fraud too.

We have made a certain plan and system so that we are able to reduce the chances of any such fraud but still we do not take any responsibility for you facing any credit card fraud. In some cases, genuine credit cards are blocked by our fraud protection system and we are familiar with it being really frustrating but it is always for the greater cause of ensuring safety. You can use other cards or any other payment method in such cases.



5.4 Banned Items or Pages:

Our site has an age restriction policy for certain pages and you are advised to agree on not purchasing or visiting those pages if you fall under that age criteria. For example, we do not allow 18 years below buyers to search or purchase from the adult category.

Our site allows some age restricted listings and often to check its details, you are requested to check our “restricted and banned list” only if you meet the allowed age criteria. We ensure that we are following all the legal restrictions regarding age in all cases. For example, any buyer below 18 years cannot make a purchase of spray cans and the same restriction is applicable on someone 18 below in case of purchase involving spray can.

6. Feedback and Comments:

Comments and feedback make sure that the trading between members, the buyer and the seller is smooth and it also helps us in creating a better marketplace for all of our members.

Your feedback has a value to us and we hope that you think likewise. We appreciate your feedback but it cannot be offensive, have false language, or defame remarks about any other member of ours. To know what we count as offensive, you can always read details on “feedback policy”. Although we will be removing any such comments or feedback, we require that you behave professionally and avoid such remarks and behave constructively in the very first place when leaving feedback.

You cannot give feedback related to your one purchase to another as we suggest feedback to be used for that product’s relevant purposes only.

7. Message Board Usage:

For the ease of our customers, we have introduced a message board but we do have certain restrictions on its use as you cannot promote your auctions through it and neither its use is allowed for the promotion of any website, auction, or any other commercial activity.

When posting a comment on a message board, we are not screening it at the time of posting or typing so you are suggested to behave sensibly and take full responsibility for whatever you are saying in those comments. We are not liable for your expressed comments and if your comments are offensive or are defamatory in general, you have the full responsibility and upon getting aware of it, we are bound to take severe actions against any such harmful or hurting comment.

8. Problem Resolving:

8.1 Trade or Member Disputes

8.2 Dispute with Our Services:

8.3 Unavailability of our system and services

8.4 We offer only Limited Liability

8.5 We Provide Site but do not Act as Party during Transaction

8.6 You will give us in writing that in case of any Loss we are not to Blame

8.1 Trade or Member Disputes

In case of any dispute with trade or the members, you are advised to resolve it directly.

We have made “seller protection” and “buyer protection” policies for such cases but there are certain conditions that limit us from being of much help as we are not included in transactions and those are almost direct transaction between the buyer and the seller so we cannot be of much help.

Every member’s privacy is important to us and we do release such details if the disputed matter has been taken under the notice of any tribunal committee but in this case, we require a statutory declaration to be signed. For more details, check out “privacy policy” of ours.

8.2 Dispute with Our Services:

If our customers have any dispute with us, then we recommend them to reach us and we will try to informally resolve it. We might use your recently provided email or any other reaching option with respect to that dispute. If we are unable to help you much through our informal dispute solving method then both parties can try to look for any legal solution or legal method to resolve the dispute.

If the dispute you have with us is regarding any of our financial services, then you can reach out to “financial dispute resolution services' ' as we are its members. For further information about this, you can reach out to FDRS site or our “help page”. You can also contact our “trust & safety” team in case of financial dispute.

Commerce commission ensures various laws for consumers and in case of any complaint of us misleading you, a contact with commerce commission can be made as one of their laws is Fair Trading Act which stops any misleading or wrong behavior.

You can also reach a self-regulating party known as Advertising Standards Authority regarding any misleads. This authority has dedicated itself to enforce truthful and responsible advertising.

Each country’s government sets some laws and terms regarding trading and if we go against them or a dispute is regarding this, then the home country’s government will be the one resolving the issue.

In case of any concern regarding a dispute, we always appreciate you reaching out to us first and then look for any other means if the dispute is not resolved.

8.3 Unavailability of our system and services:

We have been working really hard to offer you the best services, security and the performance but we are unable to give you a guarantee of 100% secure, error free or undisturbed services. We do not offer any warrant for our services as these are provided on “as in” basis. We disclaim and eliminate all the warranty to the ranges to which we can under the law, we do not hold accountability for merchantability, purpose or non-breach so you are invited to use our services at your very own risk.

For all the members making use of our services for any personal purpose, your legal rights are not disturbed by our terms or surrendered by our contract. We might provide you some information or guides about our service usage and all such advices are also disclaimed by our terms and do not offer any warranty other than expressed in these terms.

8.4 We offer only Limited Liability:

As much as the law allows, you take full responsibility for any harm, loss that is caused by the usage of our services or our app or site. We are not to consider liable to anyone about any service used through our site, any act, mistake, blunder or step of any of our site members, any carelessness, statutory duty breach and breakage in any contract etc. we are not accountable for any action or happening other than the scope of our suitable control. We are not accountable for any direct or indirect loss or damage. For instance, we do take responsibility for any profit loss, theoretical saving loss, occupational loss, secondary loss, significant loss or any general and special loss.

8.5 We Provide Site but do not Act as Party during Transaction:

As already mentioned in our terms, we only provide a site to our members so that they have a venue but do not act as a party during any purchase, sale or transaction taking place between our members and neither are we involved or in any service provided by members. Any contract, trading, buying, selling or transaction taking place between our members is totally their risk to take and we do not take any responsibility.

For further clarification, we do not take responsibility or liability of

1)      Any provided or offered service to our members.

2)      Quality, safety, legality and assurance regarding any service or item listed by our member on our site

3)      Any warranties, guarantees, confirmation or assurance provided by the listers for any item or service offered.

It also verifies that we are not providing any warranty or guarantees

1.      That any listed service or item will meet the buyer’s expectation or requirement.

2.      About items being sold or listed on our site.

3.      That whatever feedback or information is being posted on our site is free from error.

We do not take responsibility of Member Demeanor:

We are not controlling our members and neither do we want to (it is pretty weird). We are also not prescreening any communication, comment, feedback or listing before its posting. And that is why we are not liable to any misdemeanor from our member’s side.

We do not take responsibility of:

1.      Any member registering with a fake identity or trying to manipulate you.

2.      Any untrue or false listing which includes listers does not have rights of what is being listed.

3.      Any transaction being not completed on due time or being failed and it is equally applicable to credit card payments.

But we have a wide range of policies to help you out in many cases so you can check our “seller protection program” or “buyer protection policy”.

We are providing you a Site but we do not manage the Auction:

Other Advertisements:

Advertisers are the only responsible party for any advertisement of their content being available on our site and it also applies to any link or their website provided on our site. By allowing such advertisements on our website, we do not mean that we are supporting, suggesting, recommending, or endorsing those services or products advertised. Only the advertiser is taking responsibility for any appearance made regarding their advertisement.

We have wide range of solutions and privileges in case our terms are ignored:

We have the right to remove your catalog, eliminate your bidding, restrict your site activities, restrict or end your membership, warn you about your actions, refuse our services to you or any of your affiliates and issue a warning to you in case you breach or ignore our terms or such actions are needed, we will not be any solution or any else right of yours while doing so.

Even if we do not take any action immediately, we can do this in the future as we own the rights to take any necessary action in case of site terms breaching.

8.6 You will Give us in Writing that in case of any Loss we are not to Blame:

You agree and give in writing that you cannot blame is in case of any of your loss through any of your actions or of any third party that might have a relation with:

a)      any prohibited item you sell or try to sell

b)      you fail to complete any transaction

c)      your use of any of our services or its access

d)      you breach any of our terms

e)      any item, service or content posted, listed, submitted or offered by you through our services. Under these clauses, your written statement covers all of your expenditures, compensations, and failures that we might have to bear or suffer.

9. Our Terms

9.1 Our Terms Include all of our Services and Specified Policies and Terms

9.2 How to Understand our Terms Clearly

9.3 We can change our Terms on notice

9.1 Our Terms Include all of our Services and Specified Policies and Terms:

The terms described here are applicable to all other terms, privacy policy and others posted on the site all administrate how you use our services. We require you to read given below information clearly:

The terms we explain here are what create an agreement between our members, our services and us. These terms are applicable instead of any other already explained terms. In case of any conflict between specific and these terms, priority will be given to specified terms.

If you do not agree to accept our terms then you should stop making use of our services immediately and visit our site as by browsing, registering or using our site or services you agree to our terms.

9.2 How to Understand our Terms Clearly:

Heading is given only for making these terms easy to understand and these cause no change in the understanding of the terms.

We provide our terms with different easy to understand examples so that you can get a better idea. Our example includes related cases but not all the possible cases.

If any term or its part is no longer in use, required or valid, it will be edited, changed or removed as soon as possible while the rest of our terms will be applicable without any change.

Below we have explained the specific or detailed meaning of any term we used.

Classified Listing: listings can be used for promoting services, items, jobs or any property. Such a listing does not have a “Buy Now” price.

Item: Any goods that can be sold or bought under classified or auction process.

Listing: listing any offer or services on our site which are offered by you to our other members to sell, buy, advertise any classified or auction property, vehicle, job, service.

Member: Any registered Member.

Member Services: Services, items or trade offered and advertised by our registered members in the service category.

Seller: Any person listing any item for sale on our site.

Services: any number of services offered or advertised by the subsidiaries of our site. it can include time to time offered classified, auction, feedback, message board, advertisement or other offers.

Site: Our application or website used for offering the trade.

Specific Terms: any policy or conditions that are posted on our sites or agreed or communicated through written documents in case of our service usage.

Terms: Any terms, policies, conditions, posted policy, privacy policy provided on our site.

We use “us” and “our” to refer to our services etc. while for our members we use terms like “your” and “you”.

9.3 We can change our Terms on notice:

 We might update or make a change in our terms and we do so through announcing it on our site or sending a notice. In case of any significant modification, we update our members through their provided email. Some changes might require urgent implementation and in such cases we will still give you at least a two weeks’ prior notice so that our members can review and note the changings before being affected. Once we announce any of our terms, if you use our site you will have to follow those terms and if you do not agree then you will have to stop using our site and services.

For any latest change in our terms, we suggest you to keep checking our page after a while.

We are happy that you have read it to the end and if you still have questions then you can check our “help center” or reach our customer support system or get in touch with us through your email or phone and we will try our best to assist regarding your queries and any doubts.

Scout Terms and Conditions:

1.                      Background:

These are the terms and conditions related to the advertisement and recruitment of jobs. These terms are under which job searchers or recruiters are given access to the job profile of the candidates applying.

We have set a certain warrant for you to verify being a recruiter and by reaching out to Scout you agree to comply with its terms and conditions. If you are not ready to accept our Scout terms and conditions, then you should instantly stop using and accessing our Scout services. By accessing Scout, you warrant having legal capacity, permission and authority to be a recruiter and stay bound by our terms.

We might update our terms after a while and we will post any such change on our website or any relevant app used by us. You are bound to follow our new terms if you use our Scout services.

2.                      Login and Access:

Recruiters can access Scout through our app or site and can get Scout data (personal or commercially sensitive information of the clients). You are not allowed to access such data without being granted access by us and if you are an employer then after not being on that certain designation you will have any more access to Scout data or the Scout.

You might get permission by us to assign more than one user to one user account of users and all such users are supposed to be “Approved Users”. All such users are required to follow:

a)      All approved users are required to be recruiters and they all should be employed under you.

b)      All approved users are required to access Scout through their credentials based on created log in.

c)      You are responsible for making them clear that by accessing Scout they are agreeing to all our terms and conditions.

d)      You take full responsibility for any action that your assigned approved users take and any access to Scout data or the Scout by these approved users will be considered as your account’s responsibility.

e)      We possess complete rights to stop or cancel access of all or any of your approved users without providing the reason.

f)       You take full responsibility of your account password and email’s security and safety. You agree that you will not allow any other individual or party to access Scout data or Scout through your login details. Any action taken by your account will be considered as your responsibility no matter even if it was not you.

3.                      Obligations of (Approved) Recruiter(s):

When you reach Scout data or Scout you agree and warrant that

a)      You are at least one of employers, job providers, recruiters or advertisers.

b)      Although we offer the option for you to download the CV, you are not allowed to copy, replicate or scrape any information or Scout data no matter if manually or through automatically. You should have a clear understanding that by doing so you are breaching Privacy Act Obligations.

c)      Scout data is completely and strictly private and you can only access or use this data when you are executing or acting as a job recruiter or employer. You can make contact with the candidates under only necessary conditions regarding any significant employment place.

d)      You cannot spam candidates and any message that is not allowed under Electronic Message cannot be sent to candidates.

e)      You will strongly agree and act according to our Privacy Act when reaching, making use of or sharing any Scout data.

f)       Whenever you are using Scout data or our website you are bound to act according to the laws of the country and our privacy policy.

g)      If a candidate mentions to you that they are interested in the relevant position or the contact, then you should stop contacting them immediately. You can make only professional, polite, ethical and only necessary contact with candidates.

h)      When you have access to Scout data e.g. CV etc. then you are responsible for reasonable and relevant security measures for keeping all the data safe and secure.

4.                      Termination or any Suspension:

You can reach and access Scout or its data only under allowed terms and conditions and if you don’t follow our terms then you will be terminated or suspended at the moment depending upon your action or limit of breach. If you use Scout data in an improper and unsuitable way, then we have the right to not only suspend or terminate your access (without any prior notice) but we can also take more severe actions against you for hurting our reputation.



5.                      Liability & Responsibility:

If these terms cause you any harm, damage or wrong in any direct or indirect sense, you cannot have held us accountable for it. It covers any significant, punishing, secondary special loss damage or injury, loss of revenues, business, data, probable saving or gains or any other kind of damage as long as the magnitude is covered by the law. We do not accept any accountability if or if not it is arousing due or in the contract, due to any crack, carelessness or any statutory responsibility etc.

You are required to agree with us that money damages or losses can be considered as an acceptable solution for any such breaches and we are allowed to demand a reasonable and justifiable relief for such breaches and such relief might include specific performance, action or sanction.

We do not and cannot guarantee any data, material or information available on our website or in Scout data being up-to-date, complete, and true and virus free.

6.                      Insurance or Coverage:

You are required to agree that you will not hold us accountable for any or all claims, actions, legal costs or expenses, damages, proceedings, responsibilities and any sufferings produced through our app due to any person or your connection with Scout data. If you use or access the details or Scout data (copyrights or privacy etc. to name a few) of any candidate in the wrong way, then you hold the full responsibility for it and will be punished under relevant country laws.

7.                      Other Terms:

These terms are valid along with our general terms and if a situation occurs in which these and our general terms are in conflict that these terms get priority. To clear any doubt, these terms in no way limit and hinder the ability of us taking action under our general terms and conditions explained earlier.

We do gather, collect and save your data and information for specific reasons but while doing so we do not go against our privacy policy.

Terms and Conditions for Making an Offer:

1.                      General:

On some specific items, we might allow you to “Make an Offer” as a buyer, along with Bidding and “Buy Now” price buttons. The details of this feature’s use and the related conditions are explained accordingly.

Right now this option is available for certain items on our mobile application but we might make this available for our other platforms too.

2.                      The use of “Make an Offer”:

If you are a casual seller, then you might enable this feature for any marketplace listing auction (it does not apply to alcohol or firearm purchase etc.).

If a lister or seller turns this option on for any listing only then buyers can use this feature to make offers.

When a lister turns this option on for any item then it allows us to send notification regarding any offer made for this listing.

3.                      Receiving of any Offer or Counter Offer:

Upon receiving any offer or counteroffer you might

a.      Accept the counteroffer or the original offer.

b.      Decline any of these offers.

c.      Make any counteroffer (only if you listed this item).

d.      Do nothing as within a day (24 hours) of these offers being made, these get expired and there is no way to accept those expired offers back.

4.                      Make an Offer:

If you are interested to buy a listed item or service which has this feature available, then you can “Make an Offer” of any price and this price might be less than “Buy Now” price. Seller will be able to see your offered price for 24 hours only.

You should make any offer at such a price which you are agreeing to pay because if the seller accepts your price then you will have to pay that amount as you are in a binding agreement now and upon ignoring or avoiding transaction, you will face consequences.

5.      Making any Counter Offer:

Any seller who receives an offer for his listing can offer the buyer another counter offer which should surely be less than the buy now price. This counter offer will only be available to that certain offer maker only. You are allowed to make only one counter offer per each offer made originally by the buyer. If that counter offer is not accepted by the buyer, then you can make another counter offer until the buyer again makes an offer.

If you are making a counter offer, then you should be aware of the fact that if the buyer receives your counter offer then you are in a binding agreement to sell that listed item so do not make a counter offer of any such price which you are not willing to receive.

6.                      Accepting an Offer (Original or Counter Offer):

When a seller or a buyer makes an offer or a counter offer and that is then accepted by the other member of the trade then they enter into a binding agreement and they cannot withdraw their offers, only option is to sell or buy that certain item in offered price so be sure that you are ok with the price you are offering or counter offering.

7.                      Declining an Offer (Original or Counter offer):

Accepting an offer is a one-time opportunity only and if you decide to decline it then you can undo it and accept that offer or counter offer by any means. The only possible option is to make a counter offer if the buyers make the offer again or if you are the seller then make an offer again so that your seller can accept or share counter offer in return again.

Job Listing Content Terms & Conditions

·        You can’t upload or share that dealmih.com considers defamatory, misleading, deceptive or objectionable.

·        You will dismiss remarks and promotional features on all the video content so that no additional paid content appears on dealmih.com.

·        In case of failure with any obligations may result in the termination or limitation of your ability to post content on dealmih.com.

dealmih.com has the right to eliminate any listings if you breach terms & conditions. If the listing is inappropriate then dealmih.com can remove any job listings.

Drop Shipping Terms & Conditions:

These terms and conditions only apply to local sellers. These sellers are approved for drop shipping by dealmih.com. Drop shipping happens when a vender offers items to a purchaser without any possession. After the completion of sale, the items are shipped directly from the vendor's supplier to the purchaser.

Drop shipping Items:

If you get drop shipping approval from dealmih.com, then you can mention items that you don’t hold possession of, by the given terms and conditions:

1.      Provide the available payment options in your listings where you utilize drop shipping.

2.      Mention the country in your listing the product will ship from. Mention the customs import charges.

3.      Don’t forget to mention the estimated delivery time. Charge nominal shipping charges.

4.      In the listing description, provide the right description of the item.

5.      Also, mention the price of products and the right description in the dispatch information.

6.      Only consider tracked shipping services.

7.      Try to deliver the item in the estimated delivery time. You can mention the estimated delivery time on the basis of the following items.

8.      If the item is from the electronics or electrical category, then check whether it complies with domestic laws or not.

9.      Make sure that all the items in listings must comply with domestic laws and terms and conditions.

10.   You are responsible for any issue in the item.

·        If you don’t follow these terms and conditions, then you should stay away from drop shipping.

·        We update our terms and conditions from time to time just to make our services safe and better for you.

·        dealmih.com has the right to review your status. If you breach our terms and conditions then dealmih.com considers it inappropriate.

dealmih.com Stores Terms & Conditions:

This section of terms and conditions holds dealmih.com limited offers and dealmih.com stores services. In order to use dealmih.com stores services, you have to accept the following terms and conditions. If you don’t accept these terms and conditions, then you can’t use dealmih.com stores services. Moreover, we update these terms from time to time and also notify you.

1.      Eligibility Criteria:

You need to get our approval if you want to operate the dealmih.com store. You can ask us by contacting us via email. We have the right to accept or decline your request to operate the dealmih.com store. But, we usually accept your request if you accept all our terms and conditions. If your behavior is inappropriate or has a bad trading history, then we don’t accept your request to operate the dealmih.com store.


2.      Management of your dealmih.com store:

You have to name a person that you want to give authority to operate your dealmih.com store. dealmih.com will only provide access to authorized people. The person you nominate must have the ability to make strong decisions.

You have to manage a consistent product range according to quality, quantity, and category. dealmih.com will approve all your products if they are suitable for buyers.

You have to manage wonderful customer service so that you can fulfill their demands, complaints, and requirements. Respond to their questions instantly and resolve issues professionally.


In order to operate your dealmih.com store successfully, you have to follow all terms and conditions of dealmih.com including safety standards.

Your pricing and discounted deals should not be misleading or deceiving. Be fair in pricing and discounts.


3.      Fees:

You have to pay applicable fees and taxes for operating the dealmih.com store.


4.      General:

For your dealmih.com store, dealmih.com will offer you with specifications for images. We also upgrade these image specifications in order to achieve the new specifications.

You have to mention your name, current address, and contact number on your dealmih.com store.


From dealmih.com store page, you can link to your own site but you can’t sell or purchase through your site. Make sure that all the purchasing and selling must be through the dealmih.com store. In short, you can’t trade outside dealmih.com.

You can’t operate multiple dealmih.com stores.

dealmih.com has the right to apply specific terms and conditions on the working of your dealmih.com store. We will notify you in case of any change in terms and conditions.

Just like dealmih.com account, dealmih.com stores are not transferable.


5.      Suspension or Closure:

You can terminate your dealmih.com store at any time by giving notice in written form. We will close your store on your written permission.

If you breach our terms and conditions, then we have the right to suspend your store. In this case, we will notify you.


We may also terminate your dealmih.com store by informing you in writing. It may be due to the breach of our terms and conditions.

In suspension or termination of your dealmih.com store, you have to complete any trades with dealmih.com customers in a fair manner.

Job Pack Terms & Conditions:

1.      All prices given on the dealmih.com pricing page are exclusive of VAT.

2.      If you are a job advertiser then you have to pay a complete amount within thirty days of the agreement. dealmih.com has the right to charge 15 % per annum as a penalty in case of late or payments.

3.      Each listing will stay on the site for thirty days.

4.      Listing presented in the selected pack is accessible within 6 months.

5.      You can use your brand logo in the form of PNG, JPEG, GIF, and JPG format.

6.      Ensure that the brand logo does not contain any offensive or misleading content.

7.      You may not resold listings without our permission.

8.      dealmih.com will refund listing fees.