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Interest-Based Ads Preferences


Personalized ads refer to those targeted or interest-based ads that are primarily based upon the information about you like the products you are viewing at Dealmih, your purchases on Dealmih, visits over those websites where Dealmih gives content or ads or use of payment services over other websites. Preferences can be set for personalized ads by Dealmih or refer to Internet-based Ads Policy.  


It should be noted that even if you choose not to be served with personalized ads, you may be receiving personalized product recommendations and other similar features on Dealmih. You can also receive ads provided by Dealmih on other websites; however, they will not be cusomized. this is mainly because the selection is being managed through HTTP cookies. in case, you delete these cookies or use a different browser, you will have to make this same selection again.


Delete your Advertising Data Associated
With This Device


Upon clicking ‘Delete’, we will delete all personal information associated with this device, like advertising identifier from all those system through which Dealmih have collected and processed the information for the purpose of displaying advertisements.

In case you want to delete only personal information from within the advertising system of Dealmih that is associated with your account at the Site click here to log in to your Dealmih account. After you choose to delete your personal information from within the advertising systems, some personal information will be retained to enable continued use of Dealmih services (As shown in privacy notice) outside of showing you advertising. Dealmih may also retain. For example, Dealmih may retain information for the detection of abuse and fraud so as to protect customer security. We may also retain information as has been required by law, such as for accounting and tax purposes.