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About Us

About Dealmih

EETHAS GROUPS PVT. LTD is a registered online marketplace website which is engaged in the buying and selling of new and old stuff. Dealmih is a user-to-user marketplace that deals in the buying and selling of new or used motors, Real estate, job listing and searching, services like cleaners, gardeners and all. Simplicity, safety and human factors differentiate Dealmih from its competitors.

This is also one of a kind auction platform in Nepal because we enjoy creating technology made it easy for people to sell directly to other consumers and everything we are doing revolves around this concept.

Mission Statement

Dealmih strives to offer high quality products at the lowest price possible and to make online dealing convenient for everyone.

Vision Statement

Understanding consumer values to the core and making everything available they want to buy online.


Dealmih Goals

Creativity Precision Speed

How we came up with Dealmih

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ravi Yadav was initially in search of a proper land area along with automobiles to trade within Nepal however, during his search, the CEO discovered that there is lack of good platforms in Nepal. Additionally, the ineffectiveness of websites was mainly associated with weak loading speed, response time, Ul/UX and technology that were not up to the mark. With this situation in hand, he decided to create a one stop destination dealmih.com by using world best technology and convenience to use to all over Nepal.

How Dealmih works

Our marketplace is the first of its kind in Nepal that has a vibrant community of real people being connected over products and services. The platform will empower sellers to sell what they love and help buyers to find what they love. As a company, we are determined towards leading with our guiding principles and helping in spreading the idea of responsibility and sustainability whose impact is far beyond our own business.

Dealmih Technology

Dealmih technology is based upon three building blocks – an open internet and security and privacy. Commerce is the core of Dealmih technology and the digital highway of the platform are built over promises of open internet. This involves secure payments and 3D models. Security and privacy are important for an open commerce network to succeed. At Dealmih, the merchant’s data is merchants and it is their state secret. Merchants will hold explicit control over data and who can access it.

People Powered

In the time of increasing automation, the mission of Dealmih is to keep humans connected at the heart of commerce. This platform is a place where there is creativity mainly because it is powered by people. On Dealmih, you directly sell and buy with other users. This means that the cost of a middleman is eliminated and you will earn more in profits. With Dealmih, you will be a part of a community market that has the best prices and offers highest value. Through this platform, the community of sellers will have an opportunity to turn their ideas into successful businesses. Through this platform, sellers will get connected with millions of buyers who are looking for alternatives with a human touch.

Empowering Sellers

Sellers are not required to pay any fees to Dealmih. Sometimes buyers will be paying a very small amount of fee that is included in the sale price of the product or service. In either way, everyone saves money on this platform. Thousands of exciting products are specially curated from distinctive brands, all in a single platform. It means that you spend less time searching and more time in selling items that your customers will love.

Empowering Buyers

The moment when you get to discover something totally unique and different, sometimes you have never seen it before. The thrill to hunt new items never gets old and luckily with Dealmih, it has gone a lot easier. From particular to unexpected, our powerful search tools are great for buyers to explore items that are one of its kinds. At Dealmih, you will explore crowd-pleasing products and services at your fingertips.

No Junk

To keep this one-of-a-kind marketplace safe, we have a very strong policy where broken or low-quality products are not allowed. Each product undergoes a listing requirement check and from an approval process so as to assure that the buyers get high quality product so as to ensure confident shopping.

Shop Securely

Buyers and sellers will be safely and securely transacting on the platform. The technology behind the Dealmih marketplace helps the sellers and buyers connect and exchange. Keeping these connections and exchanges safe and secure is our top most priority and we are always here to help.

Fast Payment

On Dealmih, your listing will not be marked as sold until you are paid for it. Moreover, we do not believe in making you wait to receive your money being a first-time seller. You will receive your payment prior to delivering the items.

Helpful Staff

Dealmih has excellent supportive staff. Our team members of moderators are constantly monitoring items and listings so as to make sure that the listings are in accordance with the strict quality criteria. And, yes, we are also quick in answering any queries.